Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a safe and secure site to shop with?
A: Yes, our site is secured with a 128-bit SSL certificate. For more details head over to our Privacy page.


Q: What's your return and exchange policy?
A: We try to make every accommodation to make sure our customers are satisfied with every purchase they make. Go to our detailed Returns and Exchanges page for all the details on our policy.


Q: How can I get a hold of your printed mail-order catalog?
A: Catalogs are a thing of the past. Why do we say that you ask? Simply because our industry changes on a monthly and even weekly basis. We are committed to offering you the most up to date and fresh product from our industry.


Q: Do you guys only sell real merchandise? I'm not gonna get some fake Burton gear from your site am I?
A: WallerBears is a factory authorized online dealer for every single brand we carry. We work directly with all our vendors and manufacturers to make sure we're giving you - the customer - the best, most exclusive product available.


Q: I live in _______ (insert your state here), how long will it take me to get my order from
A: Head over to our Shipping Info page and you'll get all the details. Always bear in mind we do everything in our power to ship your order on the same day we receive it. We want it in your hands (or on your feet) as quickly as humanly possible.


Q: What if I don't see the product on your site I want to order? Can I still get it?
A: That can be a tricky question. Many of the products we sell are both seasonal and limited in production, therefore not always readily available or even still in production. Having said that, simply drop us a line, tell us what you have to have, and we will do what we can.


Q: How can I get some free stuff?
A: Order some stuff! It's that simple. We put free stickers in every single box and always check the homepage for other assorted specials and Gift With Purchase deals!